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Garage Door Issues? Check out the videos below.


Customer Care: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

The Mentzes connect personally with their customers, and they can't resist answering a call to help.

Teaser: Starring Pete from Affordable Door Co.

Affordable Door Co. co-owner, Pete Mentz, invites viewers to a series of videos in this 'teaser.

Keep Corners Near Garage Door Safe:

A value video on keeping your corners clean and how it can save you money and headaches

Garage Door Spring Insights:

An informative video on the danger of springs        

How to Adjust Photo Eyes:

A value video on the risks associated with improper photo eye height and how to adjust them

Biggest Moving Part: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

The garage door is the biggest moving object in your home. Let's make it the safest thing in your home.

Pete's Beginnings: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Pete shares about his career beginnings and the lessons he learned from driving a tractor trailer.

Bike Bruiser: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Maryanne tells a classic story about a woman who repeatedly forgets about the bike on her car roof.

The Ring: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Pete's mind was on a gift for Maryanne when his drill slipped, to painful effect.

All-Weather Dedicated: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Pete learns the strength of his commitment after installing a garage door on a cold, snowy night.

On Working Together: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Maryanne shares the power of running a business with a spouse.

On Hiring: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

The Mentzes worked together installing doors 7 days a week before hiring a team.

On Parenting: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

Maryanne and Pete share their parenting philosophy, and reveal how their kids turned out!

Well-Oiled Machine: Stories with Pete & Maryanne

We often hear from customers that our technicians work like a well-oiled machine. Learn why.