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Garage Door Installation & Repair

Affordable Door Co. is fully trained and available to perform your garage door repairs and installation. With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured Affordable Door Co. will install or repair your garage door in a quality manner.

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Garage Door Repairs

Our Garage Door repairs include:

  • Replacement of broken springs
  • Replacement of damaged door panels 
  • Replacement of rollers, hinges, etc.
  • Door travel adjustment
  • Replacement of logic board

Garage Door Installations

We also perform garage door installations. This includes removing and hauling away the previous garage door and parts, and installing the new garage door. We also will connect your new door to your existing garage door opener.

For installation, prices vary a great deal. Our pricing includes removal and hauling of the existing door, installation of the new garage door, connection to the existing garage door opener, materials and labor.

Free Estimates

Affordable Door also does free estimates. Service to an existing garage door and garage door opener price estimates are generally accomplished over the phone.

We are also pleased to come to your home for installation estimates. It is a great opportunity to meet, show samples of our products and provide a completely accurate estimate of costs.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

On an as needed basis, we also offers same day service and 24 hour emergency repair. Although our door installation lead times vary throughout the year, we usually operate within a one-week lead time.

Please call or contact us for a pricing estimate.