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Garage Door Accessories

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Lights, Remotes & Entry Systems

Customize your new garage door system with innovative accessories designed to bring you added safety, security and convenience.

Wireless Keyless Entry
With a wireless keyless entry system, open your garage door using a code that you program directly into the unit. Give you or your children access to your garage and home without the use of a key or remote control.

Wireless Keyless Entry System 


Designer 3-Button Remote Controls
Match the color of your car's interior, your personality or even your mood with these colorful remotes!

brown square 3 button remote controlsround black 3 button remote controlsblack square 3 button remote control


Laser Parking Accessory
This innovative new accessory is designed to help you park in the right spot, every time!

laser parking accessory


Garage Door Monitor
Safety first! The number one cause of theft is an open garage door. Don't ever wonder again - if you left the garage door open? LiftMaster's Garage Door Monitor, you'll always know if the garage door is closed - from any room in the house!

garage door monitor 


Surge Protector
Protect your home during lightning strikes and power outages with the new LiftMaster Surge Protector.

surge protector


Remote Light Control
Never walk into a dark house again. Light up your home from the car, with your remote control powered by LiftMaster's Remote Light Control! Many other uses include operating small appliances or outside lighting and decorations from inside your home or car. You will find numerous uses for this product!

remote light control 

Our Accessories & Their Product Numbers

990LM Surge Protector - 990LM

915LM Garage Door Monitor - 915LM

916LM Garage Door Monitor Extra Sensor - 916LM

995LM / 395LM Remote Light Control

975LM Laser Parking Accessory - 975LM

976LM / 377LM Wireless Keyless Entry System - 976LM

66LM Wireless Keyless Entry with Billion Code - 66LM

971LM / 371LM 1-Button Remote Control - 971LM

973LM / 373LM 3-Button Remote Control - 973LM

972LM / 372LM 2-Button Remote Control - 972LM

974LM / 374LM 4-Button Remote Control - 974LM

973W / 373W Burled Walnut Designer 3-Button Remote Control - 973W

970LM / 370LM

61LM Single-Button Remote Control - Dip Switch - 61LM

63LM Three-Button Remote Control - Dip Switch - 63LM

81LM One-Button Remote Control - Billion Code - 81LM

83LM Three-Button Remote Control - Billion Code - 83LM